Waggleview® with Rosamond Perdue, lifestyle, fashion and divorce blogger

Waggleview® with Rosemond Perdue, lifestyle, fashion and divorce blogger

A waggleview® reveals the incredible bond between the human and animal connection. These special interviews remind us to mindfully live in the moment, as our pets do every single day. Read our featured waggleview® to find out her dog’s philosophy on life and how her dog inspires her.

The Dog Owner: Rosemond Perdue is a lifestyle, fashion and divorce blogger and a full time parent to an awesome teenaged daughter. She was selected as one of BlogHer’s Voices of the Year 2016. Rosemond has been blogging since 2015 and writes for her own site; RoundandRoundRosie and is an editor at 40plusstyle.com. She’s been featured on Babble, BluntMoms, SheKnows, and is a contributor to The Huffington Post.

Before falling into the world of blogging, Rosemond owned a production company and worked in the entertainment industry.

Dogs: Custard and Lacey

Waggleview® with Rosamond Perdue, lifestyle, fashion and divorce blogger

Q: Why did you choose these dogs?
Actually, they chose me! Custard my chihuahua showed up in the driveway early one morning. She was around two years old, no collar, no microchip. She found me and I’m so glad she did. She’s my first small dog and I think I had a big dog bias. She’s taught me that small is a state of mind. She’s a rottweiler in a seven pound frame. My second dog, Lacey, is a rescue too. She again chose us! Those big brown eyes just called to us. I’d wanted a second dog so that Custard would have a friend, and she is a wonderful addition to the family.

Q: Do you talk to your dogs? If so, what do you talk about?

We talk all the time. My dogs are my almost constant companions so they give me lots of feedback. Most days they sit in my office next to me, so we talk about work quite often. We also talk about snacks alot. We all love snacktime.

Waggleview® with Rosamond Perdue, lifestyle, fashion and divorce blogger


Q: If they could talk to you, what would they say?

I feel like my dogs do talk to me. Custard, can sense when I’m upset or not feeling well, and will come and sit on my lap or snuggle with me whenever I need some love.
Dogs are amazing at sensing emotions.

I think that if they did talk to me though, they’d tell me how disappointed they are that I’ve become vegan. Their snacks aren’t quite as good since I gave up animal products.

They do have jobs. I call them my blogging staff. Custard the chihuahua is head of security because she barks at anyone who knocks at the door, and Lacey is in charge of chasing squirrels. She’s only a bit over a year old. I’ve told her that pretty soon she’s going to have to get a real job and start pulling her own weight around the office.

Waggleview® with Rosamond Perdue, lifestyle, fashion and divorce blogger


Q: What lesson in life have your dogs taught you?

Custard is an old soul, she gives me really wise counsel. In fact, I wrote a post on what she taught me about divorce and communicating with your ex.
Communicating with your ex relationship- tips from a six pound chihuahua

She’s taught me about standing your ground, about being fearless no matter how afraid you might be. Great life lessons rolled into a tiny seven pound body.

Lacey reminds me to be young. She’s such a happy go lucky carefree pup, just seeing the joy on her face when she’s chasing butterflies across the lawn or running to greet me after I’ve been gone, is a wonderful reminder to seize the joy and beauty of every single moment.

Q: How do your dogs inspire you?

They inspire me to make sure and exercise. I can’t resist those faces waiting to go on their walk, so they have really helped me stay active and remember to go for a walk. I know that this daily walk is supposed to be for them, but I think its actually more for my own mental health and well being.

Q: Where are your dog’s favorite places to go with you?

A great thing about having smaller dogs? Travel! Custard has been to Sonoma, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and is the absolute best traveler ever. We often take our dogs to Terranea, the beautiful resort on the ocean near Los Angeles. It’s a dog friendly resort with miles of ocean front trails. We love to go on morning or late afternoon hikes amid that beauty. One of the best things about having smaller dogs is being able to take them along with you.

Q: Who or what do your dogs find the most interesting?

Lacey is fascinated by our two cats. She sometimes chases them (which we’re working on) but more than that, she just follows them around and watches them, I think she’s not exactly sure what they are.

Custard is completely food and reward driven, if you open a package she can hear it from across the house! She’s tiny and very thin but she will try anything new to eat, especially if its human food.

Q: What is the most annoying thing other dog owners do?

Dog owners who dress their small dogs like children. Yes, I put my dogs in sweaters sometimes because they get cold, but don’t put your chihuahua in a pink tutu. They’re not dolls, they are dogs.

Waggleview® with Rosamond Perdue, lifestyle, fashion and divorce bloggerQ: What does being a responsible dog owner mean to you?

When you get a dog, you’ve entered into a contract to take care of this animal for the rest of its life. That means taking care of it NO MATTER WHAT. Taking on pet ownership and then just abandoning your pet when its no longer “fun”, or it gets older and ill are not being humane. Dog ownership is for life and that’s not to be taken lightly.

Q: Do you ever dress up your dogs? If so, as what?

We do wear sweaters because it gets cold, and they are both huge Stanford football and Dodger baseball fans so they have jerseys that they were for watching those games.

Waggleview® with Rosamond Perdue, lifestyle, fashion and divorce bloggerQ: How have your dogs changed your life?

I’ve been an animal lover my entire life, so I can’t imagine every living without pets. These two dogs are the smallest dogs I’ve ever had and they prove that you don’t have to be big to be big in spirit.

Q: Do your dogs have a philosophy of life?

Custard’s philosophy: “when in doubt, have a snack.”
Lacey’s philosophy might just be that Bobby Ferris song, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Q: I love my dogs because DOGS ARE LOVE COVERED IN FUR.

Q: Have you ever made dog treats for your dogs? If so, please share your recipe.
No but they often get salmon, chicken, steak, carrots, sweet potatoes. They eat better than most humans.

WAGGLEVIEW®: These interviews are focused on leaders in business, the community, or at home. My hope in doing this is to present remarkable and respected people in their community with their beloved pets. Who can resist reading about pets and what these people do? This is a platform for people to display their talents; their own business, a new book, a deeply loved passion for a charity or their own job. It also shows their love for their pet!

Thank you Rosemond for taking the time to participate in the Waggleview®.

Q: What lesson in life have your dogs taught you?

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  • Love this interview and getting g to know her a little bit more. Such cute pups!

    April 3, 2018 at 8:18 am
  • This is great Lori! I also don’t like seeing dogs treated and dressed up like dolls.

    April 24, 2018 at 8:43 pm
  • jodie filogomo

    What a great read, Lori!! Our pets make us better people!!

    April 24, 2018 at 11:10 pm
  • Custard is the coolest dog name, EVER, LOL! What a great read. 🙂

    April 24, 2018 at 11:13 pm
  • What a fun interview! My dog is my constant companion and listens to me as I vent all of my worldly concerns. He also reminds me that a good nap is as important as a good walk. 🙂

    April 25, 2018 at 9:27 am
  • Good angle on this interview, it made the interview more personable.

    April 26, 2018 at 1:48 am

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