Waggleview donates to Pet Partners

Waggleview® donates to Pet Partners

Pet Partners is the nation’s largest and most prestigious non-profit that provides volunteer teams in animal assisted therapy. There are many costs involved with a therapy animal program. When you donate to Pet Partners, you are helping to support therapy animal visits. Fundraising efforts go towards insurance costs for each team, continuing education, and supporting an online community to the handlers. There are always special initiatives, such as the Cancer Care fund, and the the Walk With Me program too.

These donations help support Pet Partners commitment to continuous learning and connectivity to all the therapy animal teams. As Pet Partners continues to grow, there will be more community specific initiatives and opportunities.

Taylor Johnson, PhD, National Director of Field Relations of Pet Partners recently met with Waggleview’s founder, Lori Pelikan Strobel and accepted a check from Waggleview in supporting the initiatives of animal assisted therapy. Waggleview® believes in supporting the human and animal bond and has donated a portion of their proceeds to Pet Partners in order to encourage this beautiful connection.

Waggleview donates to Pet Partners
Taylor Johnson, PhD, National Director of Field Relations of Pet Partners accepts a donation from Lori Pelikan Strobel, founder of Waggleview®

Waggleview® is supporting more “tail wags, gentle nudges, and soulful gazes from therapy animals,” with this donation. Please continue to support Waggeview® and Pet Partners by helping people live happier and healthier lives with the human and animal connection.

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