How It Started

Lori Pelikan Strobel, founder and owner of Waggleview®, received a puppy named Louie in 2012 for her birthday from her children. Once she looked into the big, caramel brown eyes of Louie she knew she had fallen in love. Louie, grew into a loving pet and an animal assisted therapy dog. It was in those first years that Waggleview® was created to show the incredible bond between pet owner and pet with the inception of dog owner interviews. Soon it launched out into its own lifestyle company promoting dog thought and reminding humans to live in the moment…just as our dog lives each and every day.

Louie Stroobie, Chief Canine Officer, brings his creative dog days of being in the moment to Waggleview®. His vision of bonding with and loving his humans remains his purpose. He wants all humans to remember that there is always good in the moment…especially if there are treats involved. His philosophy of life is let it be, let it go, “Let It Wag!”

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