How It Started

Lori, the founder and owner, started Waggleview® when she received a beautiful puppy name Louie for her birthday. She took one look into his caramel colored eyes and fell in love. She learned how to live in the moment as her pup did everyday. Soon, Louie became a therapy dog and that’s when the bond between the human and animal became stronger and unbreakable. Waggleview® was born out of this love for the connection between the human and animal spirit. As a result, dog owner interviews (waggleviews) began as a way to showcase owners and their dog’s perspective on life. Life is better with a pet and with that comes a way of living in the thoughts and messages from their souls. Lori continues to nurture this beautiful bond of being in the moment with our pets by supporting organizations and others who cherish the human and bond connection too.

Louie Stroobie, the first Chief Canine Officer, brought his creative dog days of being in the moment to Waggleview®.

His vision of bonding with and loving his humans was always his purpose. He wanted all humans to remember that there is always good in the moment…especially if there are treats involved.

His philosophy of life is let it be, let it go, “Let It Wag!” He taught us that there is no stronger bond than the human and animal connection. We are forever touched by this love!

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