Dog on the Street Interview

Dog on the Street Interview

Welcome to Waggleview® Yips, a Dog on the Street interview! It’s a place where beloved pups share their individuality and spirit.

The Dog on the Street interview will introduce you to some adorable dogs who want to share their social media profiles, opinions, thoughts and, of course, their cuteness.

Dog name: Charlie

Type of dog: Mutt

What do you love to do? Play and run

What is your favorite toy? Stuffed toys from Barkbox

Mailman, squirrel, or ball? Ball

Favorite food? Anything

How do you seek happiness? Love to cuddle and give kisses

Career goals? Doctor

Thank you Charlie for the interview!

Dog on the Street InterviewPlease note, by being on this website, all dogs and owners have given permission to produce content with their dog’s picture and their comments.

If you no longer wish to grant this permission, please contact us through our website and your content will no longer be used. Thank you for allowing us to show off your dog!

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